Luxury Chocolate Valentine Gift

By Anita T

handmade luxury chocolate bouquet for the one you love

Chocolate Valentines Bouquet with flowers

Unusual, luxury chocolate I can’t find on the high street, please

Handmade luxury Belgian white chocolate roses with juicy fresh fruits, smothered in naturally flavoured, highest quality Belgian chocolate.

This is just one of our bespoke pieces. We aim to please and pass on our passion, so we will listen to your preferences and create something amazing for your loved one, all within your budget and all beautifully gift-wrapped.

For instance, we could incorporate beautiful blushing chocolate hearts and fine red roses.

Just contact me for a chat – I’d love to hear from you. I’m happy for you to contact me using my website or just give me a quick call, leaving your telephone number (020 3151 1237) if I can’t answer immediately (my hands are often covered in chocolate!)

Thame Food Festival

By chocadmin

Fruitful Blooms Star at Thame Food Festival

Amazing Chocolate and Rose Centrepiece

Amazing Chocolate and Rose Centrepiece

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience what the children in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory did?  Flowers, plants and foliage that you can eat?

Well wonder no more, as Fruitful Blooms founder Anita Thakker will demonstrate at Oxfordshires award winning ‘Thame Food Festival’ on September 28th.   This really is the stuff from her ‘pure imagination’ as she shows visitors the intricacies of the detailed work that goes into each and every Fruitful Blooms creation.

OK so lickable wallpaper won’t be on the menu but edible flowers, leaves and even vases and sculptures are Fruitful Blooms specialty.  On the day visitors will be able to watch Anita create a chocolate sculpture and some of their floral pieces will also be on display.  For those keen to experience the true delicate and exquisite taste of Fruitful Blooms chocolate, there will be a selection of their brand new chocolate infusions.  Visitors will be treated to a garland of dark chocolate with ginger and white chocolate infused with rose petals and edible glitter, to name but a few, and some which are still under wraps!

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